Suction Line Filter - Sump Filters
Sump filters and suction filters provide critical initial protection for the pump, aiding in protection for the rest of
the hydraulic system. Sump filters which are mounted inside the hydraulic reservoir or tank, are the most
economical filters. Suction line filters are mounted outside the reservoir to simplify cleaning and often employ
visual and/or electrical indicators.

Marvel Engineering suction filters come in
external mount visual electrical indicating versions, reservoir top
mounted continuous flow colorator styles and in tank strainers that include take apart type filters.
The Marvelbo-S Suction Filter with Colorator Indicator, (A) in cut-away at
left, has other outstanding advantages. Its Dual Filtration feature provides
superior filtering with longer element life. Initial filtration is Within this
sleeve is the fine Marvel Synclinal element (C). Other available filter
element media are shown in
Table II. The the fine Synclinal element.
The Marvelbo-SC and SCB continuous flow in the tank suction indicating
filters are economical to purchase install, use and service with air bleeding,
and the mess of draining conventional filters. The use of long life element
reduces maintenance cost. Tank mount filter installation instruction and
sizing information are in the
detailed drawing page.
Cleanable reusable filter elements are woven wire mesh  filtration media.  
Marvel has designs hundreds of strainers and filtration applications for our
OEM customers. These take apart high quality, low cost strainers can be
used for hydraulic fluids, coolants and lubricants. Tank mounted strainers
installed through reservoir side wall, tank top or into a standpipe. Either
way, access is easy. Male, female and barbed connections available with
a micrometre rating range of 1 to 546.
Marvelbo-R Filter with Colorator Indicator is ideal for all types of filtering
applications in all pressure ranges up to 250 psi where convenient 90
degree elbow type porting is desired. Availability with MarvelMag Magnetic
Shield (optional) offers greatly enhanced filtering efficiency and protection
against ferric particles. Port sizes and types cover a wide latitude of
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Bonded sump  filters elements for use with regular petroleum base
hydraulic oils, coolants, lubricants and all types of fire resistant hydraulic
fluids and water. Capacities: 10 -20 -30 -SO -75-and 100 gpm. Pipe
sizes: 1", 1-1/4" , 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" and 3" npt male and female as well as
"O" ring seal. Operating temperatures: Up to 300F.
.Capacities: 10 20 30 50 and 75 gpm. Pipe sizes: 1", 1-1/4" , 1-1/2", 2" and
2-1/2" npt male and female as well as "O" ring seal. Operating shield
protects entire hydraulic system from those ever present ferric