Marvelbo-S Suction Filter with Superior Advantages
Colorator Indicating, Dual Filtration, Easy Installation and Servicing!
The Marvelbo-S Suction Filter with Colorator Indicator, (A) in cut-away
at left, has other outstanding advantages. Its Dual Filtration feature
provides superior filtering with longer element life. Initial filtration is
Within this sleeve is the fine Marvel Synclinal element (C). Other
available filter element media are shown in
Table II. The the fine
Synclinal element.

The Marvelbo-S can be installed in place of the elbow that normally
leads into the pump intake. Because the Filter is installed outside
the reservoir, it is always readily accessible for servicing. Other
advantages are:

  • Element replacement in less than 90 seconds-without
    disturbing any piping.
  • Symmetrical coaxial design makes it impossible to
    reassemble filter element incorrectly.
  • No internal moving parts (except when by-pass opens).
  • No internal springs to obstruct flow path or damage pump.
  • Elements are interchangeable with those of other Marvel
    Colorator Filters.
  • Wide selection of port options, element media.
  • Built to Marvel's high quality standards.
  • Lightweight and low cost.
  • Available with MarvelMag Magnetic Shield (optional) for greatly
    enhanced filtering efficiency and protection against ferric
  • Marvair*-Diffuser (optional) diffuses trapped air in filter to
    small bubbles, helping assure quiet pump operation and
    eliminating possibility of large air pocket entering pump. See
    page 4 for recommended usage .
  • Warning Switch-Options. (See below)
A Color-Coded Colorator Indicator
B Wire Mesh Sleeve Filter
C Marvel Synclinal Filter Element
D Maximum Port Sizes
The By-Pass Code No. for the Warning Switch
illustrated is "0202" for a 2 psi By-Pass and
"0302" for a 3 psi By-Pass. With Switch
located 180' from that shown, the Code No. is
"0203" for a 2 psi By-Pass and "0303" for a 3
psi By-Pass.
  • Provides electrical signal for operating light or alarm.
  • Switch and conduit not disturbed when servicing filter.
  • Colorator Indicator remains clearly readable with system
    operating or shut down.
  • Switch mechanism tamper proof-fully protected by sturdy,
    steel guard.
  • Permits filter servicing as quickly as on standard filters-in
    less than 90 seconds.
  • Switch setting not disturbed when servicing filter.
  • Maximum speed, safety, and convenience in making switch
    connections and disconnections when servicing (Installation
    of filter cover automatically engages switch mechanism.
  • Choice of Left Hand (LH) or Right Hand (RH) switch
  • Switch is BZE 6-2RN Micro-Switch factory set to
    automatically activate light or alarm when Colorator Indicator
    enters Red band (when filter is by-passing oil).
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ELECTRIC WARNING SWITCH. For operating warning light or alarm. Described and illustrated on page 3.
Example: for Switch with 2 psi By-Pass, Housing No "801161-0200" becomes "801161-0202". For Switch with 3 psi By-Pass,
Housing No. becomes "801161-0302".

Example: For Switch with 2 psi By-Pass, Housing No. "801161-0200" becomes "801161-0203". For Switch with 3 psi By-Pass,
Housing No. becomes "801161-0303".

MARVAIR DIFFUSER. Use with pumps sensitive to cavitation caused by large air bubbles that often form in suction filters. And use
with all variable displacement pumps, which promote the formation of large air bubbles because the filter is oversize at low pump
flow rates until full volume output is attained.

The air bubbles are broken up by he Diffuser into tiny bubbles that are quickly and harmlessly dispelled through the pump. To
order a Marvair Diffuser, replace the dash (-) in the Housing Number with a "0". Example: "801161-0200" becomes "80116100200".

SEALED DUST COVERS. Protective, transparent dust covers for Colorator Indicators are provided by Marvel at no extra cost. The
Sealed Covers are optional (at no extra cost) on Marvelbo-S and Marvel R Filters. When Sealed Covers are supplied, the
Colorator Indicator Ring (Item 14) is omitted to accommodate the Sealed Cover Installation. To specify the Sealed Cover, merely
replace the dash (-) in the Housing Number with an "E". Example: "801161-0200" becomes"8011601E0200".

OVERSIZE INLET PORT (One size larger than standard) is available a t nominal cost on Marvelbo-S filters in both pipe-thread and
straight thread port models. To specify, change 3rd digit from left in·Group A Housing Numbers (Col. 4) to a "3". Example: "
801201-0200" (pipe thread housing) becomes "803201-0200"; and "801202-0200" (straight thread housing) becomes "803202-
0220". In the Group B Housing Numbers (Col. 6), to specify the oversize inlet port, change the 3rd digit to a "4". Example: "802481-
0200" becomes "804481-0200" .
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