Marvelbo-SC and SCB Series Continuous Flow In The Tank
Suction Indicating Filter
Permits Filter Servicing With Uninterrupted Machine Operation
The Marvelbo-SC and SCB continuous flow in the tank suction indicating filters are
economical to purchase install, use and service with uninterrupted operations. The self
priming design, eliminates the need for air bleeding, and the mess of draining
conventional filters. The use of long life element reduces maintenance cost. Tank mount
filter installation instruction and sizing information are in the
detailed drawing page.

  • Permits Filter servicing without machine shutdown.
  • Eliminates the conventional filter housing because it mounts inside the
    reservoir... saves space, weight, installation, and filter costs.
  • Large, long life element reduces servicing frequency, lowers pressure drop and
    permits finer filtration.
  • Self priming design eliminates need for air bleed.
  • Wide choice of cleanable or throw-away filter elements.
  • Designed for low minimum oil level operation.
  • Thumb screws permit filter service without tools. (SC Series only.)
  • Eliminates mess of draining conventional filters...does away with priming
  • Element shroud permits low oil level operation with full element effectiveness.
  • Famous Colorator Indicator reads element condition as well as magnetic
    element condition. (Magnets optional)
  • Filter may be sized as large as desired without danger of oversizing and pump
    priming problems.
  • Reduces suction line air leaks as outlet port is below oil.
  • Standard size element fits same size Marvel Colorator Suction, return line or
    press u re filter.
  • Available with optional electric warning switch and/or "T" Type dual port outlet for
    convenient piping when filtering oil to two pumps from the same filter.

The filter element can be serviced easily and quickly; simply remove 4 screws, lift off the
cover... and the element comes off with the cover assembly... no fishing around in the oil
for a submerged element. Snap the replacement or cleaned element into the shroud
assembly and reinstall. It is automatically guided into proper position. The element is
centered by the element guide so that it slips quickly and easily onto the outlet port.
Nothing is required to be closed, reopened, reset or checked after the cover has been
reinstalled. And while the cover is off, the filter outlet port is protected by an expanded
metal guard.
The unique shrouded element design enables use of generous size elements for long
life, minimum servicing frequency and low pressure drop.
The element shroud allows low oil level operation even below the top of the element
giving full element effectiveness to meet pump flow requirements. Contrast this to small,
squat elements designs of unshrouded elements which must be entirely below oil level
for full element effectiveness.
The famous Colorator Indicating Filter Cover tells as simply as a traffic light in green,
yellow and red colors when element service is required. It is recommended that the filter
be serviced when the indicator is in the yellow and before it reaches the red band. This
will assure full flow filtration at all times.
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